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Owner / Operator
My love of fitness started early on when at 12 years old, I got my first weight set and began a life long journey that been a source of constant evolution physically, mentally, and spiritually. This love affair led to my career in fitness when I began attending Florida International University in 2001 where I studied Exercise Physiology and played football. During this time I started my own Personal Training Company New Level Fitness and began working at the Downtown Athletic Club.
John Kelly
Owner / Operator
Head Coach
My background in sport and fitness goes back to when I was kid. I played a lot of different sports such as Tennis, Fencing, Soccer, and more. However, there was only one that a fell in love with, baseball. I began playing the sport at the age of 8 and played until I graduated from high school. This sport taught me discipline and team work. Wasn’t too long after I finished my career as a baseball player that I found CrossFit. Introduced to me by a friend, we started practicing CrossFit in a public park because we couldn’t afford the monthly payments. We soon realized that we needed help from professionals who could guide us and help us with technique. The first Crossfit gym I attended to was A1A which my friends and I purchased a Groupon. After the Groupon expired we took another Groupon in another gym, little did I know this place was going to change my life completely. I joined Live Free CrossFit in 2015. I remember walking in through the door and felt the great atmosphere; everyone was friendly and welcoming. I spent so much time at the gym that John, the head coach, gave me the opportunity to intern and help around. That was when I found my passion for coaching and helping others improve their lives. I took seminars and learned a lot from the other coaches, and soon became a CrossFit Level 1 Coach. I also got certified as a Running Coach by Pose Method and Gymnastic Coach. My experience as an athlete has help me too, competing in several local Crossfit competitions and placing 3rd in one of them. I’m always trying to learn more and improve myself as a coach. I’m looking forward on taking the Crossfit Level 2 certification and Level 2 Gymnastics certification. What I love the most about what I do is that I get the opportunity to change people’s life by helping them to improve their health. Their improvements and determination to be better motivates me to be a better Coach.
Oscar Jaren
Head Coach
Competitors Coach
My name is Claudia! Born in Peru, raised in Miami, FL. I found Live Free Crossfit one day as I was rollerblading down Biscayne blvd. When I first started training at Live Free I saw John as well as other coaches training and they inspired me to take Crossfit more serious. I decided to solely and whole heartedly commit to Crossfit once I graduated from college and found that Crossfit not only challenged you physically but mentally as well.
I fell in love with Crossfit because it always gave me something to strive for, whether it be a better Fran time or simply trying to push through a mental block when there’s 30 seconds left in a workout.
Crossfit also taught me to not really care about what other people say, especially when it came to women’s aesthetics. As long as I was working hard for what I wanted, everything else was background noise. I love Crossfit because it has taught me to believe in myself and believe in other people.
Live Free Crossfit is where it all started and I will forever be grateful for opening new opportunities and bringing amazing people into my life. Also, the welcoming and family atmosphere the gym had made it extremely hard to ever want to leave! And so, here I am, 4 years later. Started as an athlete, who could hardly do a pull up, to a coach with a Crossfit L1 Certification as well as a Gymnastics who can do bar muscle ups. Live Free Crossfit and Crossfit in general have changed my life in an extremely positive way. I see exercising AND nutrition as an important aspect of life that should not be neglected. Whether you strive to be a competitor or simple work out, those two components should be a priority in your life. #HWPO
Claudia Reque
Competitors Coach
John KellyOwner / OperatorOscar JarenHead CoachClaudia RequeCompetitors Coach