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Keeping Track of What’s Important

This month we discussed a lot of different ways for you to be healthier. Walking more, eating better, focusing on your sleep patterns, and practicing meditation just to name a few. Combining all of these different strategies can really begin to balance out your mind, body, and spirit. Today I want to talk about what that actually looks like. How do you know when your body is balanced? In the business world, you can measure how healthy your business is by knowing your KPI’s or key performance indicators. A KPI is defined as a quantifiable measure used to evaluate the

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The Number One Reason You Aren’t Seeing the Results You Want

Did you know that you have 3 different energy systems? I bet you also didn’t realize that each system must be trained in a certain way or you could actually be doing more harm than good when training. That’s because each system needs a specific stimulus if you want to improve it. For example, doing a max clean isn’t dangerous if you have the necessary strength, technique, and do it when you are well-rested, on the other hand, a max clean done repeatedly under fatigue is a recipe for disaster. That’s because the energy system needed for a max clean needs a specific amount

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Making Community Fitness Better

Since Crossfit’s inception in the early 2000s, it has taken the world by storm. Growing from 1 gym to over 15,000 in only 20 years. Crossfit the methodology has literally changed millions of people’s lives. On top of helping people get healthier, they have also created a need for competitions like wodapoolza, equipment companies like Rogue, and software companies like Wodify. The effect that Crossfit has had on the fitness world is staggering. What made Crossfit so powerful? It couldn’t have been just the WOD’s, because most of them have you dying on the floor afterward. What made Crossfit into

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Moving In A New Direction

When I found Crossfit in 2011 I fell in love. I just had elbow surgery following the last fight of my MMA career and I was looking for something that would allow me to be competitive while my elbow recovered. As the months went by I started to do Crossfit more and MMA less. Crossfit was like a fight against yourself. Just you, the clock, and that little voice in your head telling you to stop. Although that wasn’t what really made me fall in love with Crossfit. What I really fell in love with was the community. Crossfit had

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