Cristina A

“I know everyone thinks that their crossfit gym is the best gym, but… THIS IS ACTUALLY THE BEST CROSSFIT GYM IN MIAMI. If you want to work out with true Miami locals, have a good time, grind out a real sweaty work out, learn the ins and outs of OLY lifting with the best (shout out to Nico), break it down to some salsa, reggaeton, house, or just some good old gangsta rap, this is your kind of place. On a personal note, after taking a break from crossfit for almost a year, I was very hesitant and wary of committing to a new box. Especially with new gyms popping up everywhere in Miami and everyone claiming to have the knowledge to coach regular people through crossfit work outs. These guys and gals are the real deal and have the knowledge, experience and expertise to coach everyone safely that walks in through their doors. Plus, they have the best looking group of coaches around *fire emoji* Luvvvv you guysssss”

-Cristina A.