How Do You Define Success?


How Do You Define Success?

Have you ever sat down and truly thought about what success is to you? Not what society says success is, but what you think of as success. I have thought about this many times throughout my life, and it continues to evolve as I do.

When I was younger my idea of success was tied to material things like nice clothes, a nice car, and money to blow as they say, but as I learned there are many aspects to success; material wealth is only one of them and while I never reached high levels of material wealth I could tell that this was a never-ending cycle of nicer and more expensive things. 

At this point, I began to realize that success was a journey, not a destination and that material abundance, in all its expressions, was only one of those things that makes the journey more enjoyable. 

I realized that success also includes good health, energy, and enthusiasm for life, fulfilling relationships, creative freedom, emotional and psychological stability, a sense of well-being, and peace of mind.

For me, success in life can be defined as the continued expansion of happiness and the progressive realization of worthy goals.

That is why I love owning a gym. It allows me to pursue the worthy goal of changing people’s lives through physical and mental discipline while challenging me to continually grow as a leader and business owner. I am always looking for a way to help you guys achieve your goals and continue your own expansion of happiness through the realization of those goals.

This brings me to how I’m going to help you do this in 2020. The Level Method! 

The Level Method is a way to assess your current fitness level, and then customize your workouts to meet you where you are while helping you to progress to where you want to go.

Who is The Level Method for?

The Level Method is for anyone looking for a way to progress their current fitness level, regardless of your starting point.

The Level Method tests both your objective and relative strength. Objective strength is the maximum amount of force you can apply, regardless of muscle or body size. Think of this in terms of heavy lifting and barbell movements.

Relative strength refers to the amount of strength you have compared to your body weight. This comes into play with bodyweight and gymnastics movements. 

What is the “House”?

The Level Method uses a house analogy to explain the different energy systems in your body. These systems are Electricity (your central nervous system), Plumbing (cellular fueling), and Ventilation (oxygen and breathing).

Workouts will call on different energy systems or systems each day, changing the types of demands on our body daily to get the best results possible.

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How do I “Level Up”?

There are multiple ways to achieve a new level:

In regular group class.

Regular group class programming will often align with some of the overall fitness levels on the MAP. If you think you’re getting ready to level up in something, grab a coach and have them watch you so they can validate your new results!

During global testing cycles.

Starting in February, with a total of three times a year we will hold what are called “global testing cycles” for Level Method. These will be held over a 3 week period and will provide the opportunity for you to test all of your levels. If you come to class and we are testing something you’ve already tested, there will be an alternate workout for you to do instead. There will always be something for you to do!

In a personal training or skill session.

Often times, people find that they want to spend a bit of focused time working on one or two of their lower levels, to strengthen their weaknesses and achieve a higher level. One of the best ways to do this is through personal training or skill sessions with a coach.

Doing independent skill work.

If personal training isn’t for you, we will also be offering “homework” that you can do on your own time to help you progress. Then, when it comes time for re-testing, you’ll be ready!

I know I can do a higher level workout today than my levels are telling me. Can I?

Each day your workout can be chosen based on your existing levels. The MAP is just that – it’s a map. It’s not the end-all-be-all of workouts, and you can work directly with your coach to modify the workout appropriately for you for the day.

Your levels will provide guidance in regards to where you should focus. If you think something is way off for you for that day, talk to your coach.

How does The Level Method benefit me?

The Level Method is a measuring tool. It’s based on scientific data gathered over years and years. That data has turned into the MAP. The MAP tells us where you are, and then provides a progression to help you get to the next level.

Often times in CrossFit gyms, you hear the term “scaling.” Scaling tends to be somewhat arbitrary and often decided on by the individual completing the workout. Sometimes, you might even feel like you’re guessing at what you should be doing, and you aren’t really sure.

The Level Method eliminates guessing. It tells you exactly what YOU need for your current workout, to allow you to get the most out of it and progress further in the future.

Now you have a clear pass to assess, address, and progress in your pursuit of success (Barz) and as you realize your goals you will continually expand your happiness. No more guessing it’s all progressing for you in 2020, focus on your self and look at health as wealth. Changing your life one rep at a time.