John Kelly

John and Claudia Kelly opened LFCF in 2013 after they learned first hand the power of making their health the top priority in their life. From 2007 to 2013 John was working as a firefighter running mostly medical calls on people dying of preventable diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Unfortunately by the time John saw these patients they were gravely ill and past the point of disease prevention.

During this time Claudia was working as a waitress and was unhappy with her life. She was not being challenged and didn’t feel good about the way she looked, so she decided to quit her job and begin training full time. This changed her life dramatically. She lost fat and built muscle, gained new skills, and found a new level of confidence she never knew she had. Others around her noticed and she was offered a job as a sou chef with a catering company. This job allowed her to earn a living without sacrificing what she felt was most important, building her mental, physical, and emotional health.

After a couple of months, Claudia decided to open her own company catering for families that needed healthy meals but didn’t have the time or knowledge to make eating healthy a reality, and together with John, they decided to open LFCF so that they could bring training and nutrition services to their community, helping people to avoid disease by staying healthy by making their health their number 1 priority.

This combination of exercise, nutrition, and community focus has made LFCF Miami’s premier family-friendly gym. With multiple generations of families training under the same roof, inspiring, supporting, and holding each other accountable, LFCF has changed hundreds of people’s lives during its seven-year history. Their unique style of holistic training makes exercise fun at any age.

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