The Blog Post That Can Change Your Life


The Blog Post That Can Change Your Life

Last week we talked about the importance of strength. How strength in body brings strength in mind. How having a strong mind is fundamental to being successful in life, and why being strong should be a priority for you. I have literally built my whole life around building strength. This one decision has created so many amazing relationships and experiences for me throughout the years, that I made it my life’s goal to teach people the power of putting their health first.

The problem with building strength is that it doesn’t happen overnight. In our society of instant accessibility and attention deficit disorder we train ourselves to expect instant results. I can’t stand the finite mentality of gyms that promise 30 day fat loss. Fat loss isn’t a 30 day process, it’s a mindset. It takes looking at what you currently do to be fat and what changes you can make PERMANENTLY to be lean. Being lean doesn’t mean losing WEIGHT it means building muscle and burning fat. A process that requires motivation, dedication, and CONSISTENCY. 

Too many times I see people join the gym and QUIT within 3 months. Why are you quitting? Training is a lifetime pursuit. I read a quote today that said “ the way to build real strength is to train 3-5x a week for 10 years.” I couldn’t agree more. Getting strong isn’t possible in 3 months. Getting strong, losing fat, and learning new skills takes CONSISTENCY. It takes showing up 3-5x a week. If you look at the fitter people in our gym you will see a common theme. Consistency. The strongest people show up consistently. They find a way. Some go at 6am some come after work but all of them make training a priority. They build their day AROUND their training, a novel concept to be sure. They work around injuries, around divorce, around birth and around death. 

At Live Free you don’t have to know anything about training, you don’t need to think about your workouts, and you don’t have to wonder if you are doing it correctly. You just need to SHOW UP!

Training at Live Free gives you 20 plus years of programming experience from yours truly. I have played colligate football, been a certified personal trainer, been through the fire academy, fought MMA, and competed in multiple Crossfit competitions always finishing toward the top. I have made more training mistakes then I can count, so more importantly than knowing what to do, I know what not to do. So you can trust what you are doing to get you stronger, all you have to do is SHOW UP. 

I often tell people that whether you come in or not the time will still pass. The days will become months, the months will become years, and you will still be weak. Or you could be strong. You can have anything you want in life if you are strong enough to take it. They say fortune favors the bold but being bold doesn’t finish the job. Being bold gets you in the door, being strong gets the job done. 

Want to know what separates Live Free from other gyms? Your goals are our goals. We dedicate time to you. We care about you and together we build consistency in your training, and that’s what drives results. All you have to do is show up and we’ll take care of the rest.

See You Soon!!!