What Live Free Will Look Like After Quarantine Ends


What Live Free Will Look Like After Quarantine Ends

To say things have changed since then has to be the understatement of the century. I have been communicating with you guys through the normal channels Instagram, Facebook, and Jackie, but this will be my first heart to heart with you guys since the beginning of quarantine. 

I’m on my way home from a disappointing trip to Jacksonville for UFC 249. Our fighter Bigi Boi took his first loss in serious fashion getting knocked out in 20 seconds. While this may seem like a significant step back at first, it is actually par for the course for any fighter especially one who has won 10 straight fights. Fighting is a zero-sum game, and someone must always lose. That loss is only a learning experience when viewed from its proper perspective.

We all take losses in life, and it’s the losses that teach us the most valuable lessons, allowing us to reach our full potential as professionals and people. I told Bigi the truth, he messed up, but that doesn’t mean he failed. Bigi did what no one has ever done, called out the scariest man in the UFC. He is a fighter, and fighters have to go against the best to become the best. We will come back stronger, smarter, and more focused than ever before.

The reason I bring up Bigi’s loss to you is that it mirrors the fight we are in being stuck in quarantine. No one could foresee the damage that this pandemic would wreck on our economy. Many businesses will fall if they don’t adapt to the ever-changing circumstances that we are facing. Our own community has been bobbing and weaving the whole time to avoid being knocked out. From online classes and individual programming to personal training and lending out equipment, we have done everything possible to continue providing you guys with the coaching you need to stay healthy.

To say you guys have been amazing during this time would be a disservice to you because you guys have literally keep our community alive with your unwavering support during our darkest hour and we couldn’t be more thankful. After spending time in Jacksonville I can tell you with confidence that this is coming to an end. It may not be the same as before but as the UFC showed us there is a world where we can continue to fight for the things that are important to us even if it means making some adjustments. Today I wanted to give you guys some insight into what we plan on doing to open our doors back up again.

Part 1

The first thing we will do is bring all equipment back and get everything thoroughly cleaned by a professional disinfecting service. This leads us to part 2.

Part 2

We will open to a limited capacity of whatever number the state allows. We anticipate a limit of 10 people at a time. 2 coaches and 8 members. 1 coach will be for personal training and the other for the group class. This leaves 1 spot for Personal training and 7 spots for class. In order to service all members, we will have shorter classes and be open all day. This will allow us to have more classes per day and give us time to clean all equipment after class. If the need arises due to our large member base we may split the gym up between two groups giving everyone access on different days, but we will cross that bridge when we reach it. This will mean that everyone will have to RESERVE their class ahead of time or they will be unable to attend. That leads us to how part 3.

Part 3

This part is how classes will be run. Everyone will have designated areas separated by 6 or more feet. Everyone will also be required to wear a mask during training. This will make breathing heavily difficult so we will be focusing on improving your strength, olympic lifting, gymnastics, mobility, and flexibility indoors. Our conditioning will be done outside with running, rowing, and WODs that involve limited equipment. We will be taking temperatures of everyone before class with a temperature gun and anyone above a certain temperature will be asked to go home for the day and take one of our zoom classes from home. We will still be holding zoom classes at TBD times to give everyone access to our training on a daily basis. Classes will be 45 minutes to give everyone 15 minutes to clean up all equipment and be out of the gym in time for the next class.

While I know that these methods may not be perfect nor please everyone I am confident this will allow us to continue to pursue the Live Free mission of prioritizing your health, improving your happiness, and increasing your quality of life. Now more than ever do we see the importance of putting our health first. You can’t take care of your family if you are sick, and if you are sick you are far more susceptible to diseases like the one we face today. Health has many facets, mental, physical, and emotional. In order to create a balanced healthy life, you must exercise smart, prioritize sleep and nutrition, all while balancing your stress levels. That is why we are always continuing to modify our programming to facilitate this result in your lives. 

If we have learned anything during this time it’s that being busy isn’t being productive. Sometimes it’s better to stretch, meditate, or sleep instead of working so hard. The world continues to turn regardless of our economic status and there is always a light at the end of the tunnel no matter how dark it seems. I hope you continue to use this time as a moment of introspection about what is really important to you, the gym LOL. 

I look forward to seeing you again soon and working together to make the best of our post-pandemic world, and although we may have gotten knocked down, like Bigi, we will rise again stronger, smarter, and more driven than ever. 


Coach John