Which Pill Will You Take?


Which Pill Will You Take?

I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to reach out to everyone and wish you all a happy Father’s Day. I had a wonderful day with my parents, wife, and children. We only argued a little bit! As I get older I appreciate the time with family more and more. Being around my parents really makes me think about health and quality of life, and how important they are. Like all aging adults, my parents have their own health issues, but I can’t help but think what their lives would look like if they had made health a priority.

My dad always played sports, ran, and lifted a little weight, but he also drank alcohol, worked 12 hours a day, and never stretched or meditated. At 71 he is now dealing with nerve atrophy, mobility issues, and debilitating pain that severely limits his range of motion. He often tells me how if he could start over he would work less, eat better, stretch more, and make his health his top priority. He worked for 39 years with the phone company but when his nerves began to falter, he had to retire over 7 years ago. He has a pension, great medical benefits, and social security, but he is missing the most important asset of all, his health and because of this, he can’t even fully enjoy everything he worked so hard for.

Society lied to my dad. He did what he was told all his life. He went to high school and afterward, at 17 he joined the Marine Corp and fought in the Vietnam War. After coming back from Nam he got a job and worked his ass off for 39 years. Earned his money honestly, took care of his family, and set himself up for nicely for his “Golden Years”, unfortunately, he never really prioritized his health.

This is more common than you realize. We are so busy working for our future that we often neglect ourselves in the present. My dad was so focused on getting to retirement but he never really thought what that would look like. We take our health for granted when we are younger because it is all we know. It’s not until we lose our health or our ability to do things that we really look at our health. I don’t blame my dad though. He didn’t grow up in the age of information as I did. No one ever sent him emails telling him that having flexible muscles and mobile joints were so important to an enjoyable retirement. There weren’t hundreds of studies on the importance of strength training at his fingertips, or how corporations modified their food to make them taste better with fewer nutrients so you would have to eat more of it.

The old ways don’t work. They leave you broken and sick at the end of life. The only way to live a long HEALTHY life is by making it a priority. We prioritize work, school, and partying, but we never quite have time for our health. Well, I think that we need a new paradigm. A new way to meet the challenges of life with a sharper focus on our health. Health is an active process. Your genes are turned on and off by your choices. When you choose to exercise, eat mostly whole foods, and prioritize your sleep you choose health. If you live a sedentary lifestyle, eat processed foods, and sleep less than 7 hours a night you choose disease.

It’s that simple. The red pill or the blue. That’s what I offer you. You can take the red pill and make your health the most important thing in your life, giving you the ability to create your own paradigm of what’s important to you or you can take the blue and stay ignorant to the fact that your health won’t last forever but your creditors will always be paid. My dad was blue pilled by society and didn’t have anyone offering him this information, so he has to live with his choice. Are you prepared to live with yours?